Rehab 360 Partnership

As your partner, Rehab 360 will provide progressive therapy programs utilizing the patented Knee Glider and act as a Third Party Partner for Joint Replacement programs and provide the following:
Track Patient Outcomes
Provide Home Safety Evaluations
Provide Surgeon & Facility Specific Education
Customizable to Facility or Hospital Needs
Provide Continuity of Care to Achieve a Seamless Transition between Treatment Steps

Program Objectives

  • Produce Quality Outcomes w/ Minimal Post Acute Care;

  • Easy & Effective Program for Patients;

  • Set Patients Up for Success & Create a Positive Experience;

  • Increase Patient Satisfaction;

  • Empower Patients w/ an Elevated Role in Their Recovery;

  • Minimize Risk of Complications

The Total Knee Program

1-2 Weeks Prior Surgery
Kick off your surgery right by making sure you have a game plan for your recovery! We will send a licensed therapist to perform a Home Safety Evaluation ensuring a safe environment free of falls. During the Preoperative Visit, we will deliver all equipment and provide training on exercises to ensure maximum comfort.
1-3 weeks after surgery
After surgery, the patient can start their easy Step by Step Home Exercise Program that they familiarized themselves with pre-surgery. By following this step by step program, patients and caregivers can go into recovery with less anxiety, better compliance, and improved outcomes!

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“The best tool for post acute Range of Motion that I have ever used”
Physical Therapist
“I loved the ability for me to work on my exercises as if I was in a clinic. It was like I had a Physical Therapist at home with me.”
“I do not think I would have got my range of motion back if it were not for the Knee Glider.”
“I was scared to do my exercises on my own, but with the Knee Glider it was so easy for me and my spouse to do the exercises just like the physical therapist did in the clinic.”

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