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Rehab360's patented Knee Glider is what the industry has been waiting for!

Our mobile rehab technology paired with progressive rehab programs gives both patients and rehab professionals the upper hand on improved outcomes. Whether you are recovering from a knee replacement or recovering from weakness after a stroke, the knee glider will help you get back on your feet.


Improve Your Outcomes

There is an unlimited amount of research to show the benefits of range of motion and lower extremity strength before or after a lower extremity surgery, fracture, or injury. We take that knowledge and give patients and therapists the tool to work on their rehab more effectively.

Increase Your Range of Motion
Build Your Strength
Improve Your Outcome

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“The best tool for post acute Range of Motion that I have ever used”
Physical Therapist
“I loved the ability for me to work on my exercises as if I was in a clinic. It was like I had a Physical Therapist at home with me.”
“I do not think I would have got my range of motion back if it were not for the Knee Glider.”
“I was scared to do my exercises on my own, but with the Knee Glider it was so easy for me and my spouse to do the exercises just like the physical therapist did in the clinic.”

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